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MailRoute Testimonials

"I am a security architect, offsec practitioner, and have been in the security game for over two and half decades -- some salt acquired. Our company, Semper Victus, operates as a high-end consultancy solving problems and building things often in the far reaches of "greenfield" for enterprise clients and world-class universities. We focus on healthcare and financial services in our commercial efforts, with non-commercial work supporting academia, non-profits, and USG efforts. Everywhere we go, regulatory compliance and operational security are prevalent, and the criteria for compliance are getting stricter (thankfully) by the day.

We've been a MailRoute customer for years, and recommending it for adoption by clients all the way through. What started as a pure technical proficiency play (I've been lucky enough to converse with MailRoute's founder on a number of occasions to get a peek under the hood) grew into a happy business relationship wherein MailRoute is constantly expanding the back-end functionality and front-end access to it, driven by customer demand, and keeping true to their philosophy of simplicity.

Customers don't need a consultant priced like a good lawyer to manage their filters and policies, deal with turnover, and access their quarantine even in complex industries such as healthcare marketing.

On the rare occasion when we need to interact with support, responses are rapid, effective, and honest. MailRoute services are priced so as not to break the piggy bank of your kids' lemonade stand, and scale up to enterprise flow and filter requirements as the business grows up. Definitely worth a look if you're responsible for the commsec of your organization and don't want to go down every time some public cloud upchucks its message queues."

Boris Lukashev
Systems Architect
Semper Victus

"Easy to work with, a high-quality product that requires very little time or effort to enable."

Tom Newton
Product Manager

"We needed ITAR-compliant security and found MailRoute. Simple and modern UI. Easier to use than SolarWinds and Proofpoint. Top notch support. Great pricing."

Randy Lefebvre
Sr Project Engineer
GIRD Systems

"MailRoute has saved my bacon more than once by queuing our email and helping me resolve config issues. I've always received fast, expert support when needed. The service has been extremely reliable and has evolved steadily to counter new spam and malware threats. We moved operations to Google Apps, but MailRoute remains a key component of our layered protection."

Jim Irving
IT Pro for 4 decades

"Thanks to the heroic spam-vanquishing @MailRouteInc for excellent customer service."

Martin Storey
Design Director

"I know that if we have a colo or server issue in-house, folks can still get work done using the continuity piece."

Alan Bildzukewicz

"I use Fastmail plus MailRoute due to privacy concerns with companies like Google."

Cory Dransfleldt
Cory Dransfeldt
Web Developer

"Customer service is responsive and thorough, many times stepping way outside the box to help us!"

Tim Zakharov
Systems Administrator
S & Y Industries, Inc.

"We have been using MailRoute Services for several years. Their service has always been excellent. Their technical support has been excellent. Their pricing is excellent.


We have referred them to many others across the nation and we have never had a bad report come back to us."

George Baldonado
President & CEO
Oasis Technology

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