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Email security for City Management

Stop Ransomware, spam, viruses and other threats. Easy integration with Office 365, Google Workspace, other hosts and servers.

Stop Ransomware and other digital infrastructure threats

MailRoute provides city managers with reliable solutions to meet your city's specific security and reliability requirements

Office 365 & Google Workspace integrations

Full network security applied to both inbound and outbound email, with one-click integration with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace accounts, for easy admin management. Enterprise-level encryption for all email in transit. 

Hacking protection

Sophisticated threats create new data vulnerabilities. City records contain lucrative data for hackers to sell on the black market, and cyber-attacks on municipal systems and utilities are rising. Our ransomware and malware protection keeps your data secure.

Uptime & reliability

The smallest network outage can affect citizens and staff who rely on urgent documents. Email Continuity provides automatic outage detection to ensure that your data is always available when you need it, even if your servers are down.

Vulnerability awareness for Cities

MailRoute protects your critical infrastructure from targeted threats and ensures your email is secure. Our fully redundant cloud-based data protection eliminates the need for you to continually monitor, maintain and upgrade your IT infrastructure to stay two steps ahead of cyber criminals. You focus on delivering exceptional support for your citizens and staff, and let MailRoute deliver 24x7 secure access to critical email.

Security for infrastructure

The FBI warns of increased ransomware attacks. Protect your privacy and fiduciary responsibilities regarding cyberattacks with a sophisticated IT approach to email, network access and data security.

Efficiency for IT teams

Tools include mail logs and real-time reporting, plus granular controls with protection against DDoS and other attacks. Inbound and outbound mail is protected with SPF, DKIM and fault-tolerant architecture.

Reliability for staff and citizens

Cities require on-demand access to critical data and email traffic between government bodies. MailRoute offers complete administrative control of filter sensitivities while processing traffic across redundant networks with 100% email availability.

MailRoute pricing

Greater value than in-house solutions, with free customer support

Trusted by industry leaders for 20+ years

We've earned our reputation as a trusted authority for protecting businesses & government entities

Easy integration with o365, Google Workspace & all platforms

MailRoute integrates easily with all services, servers and platforms. A simple MX-record change activates our protection.

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