MailRoute is platform and server agnostic

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The most advanced email security

MailRoute protects your users, hardware, productivity and overall costs regardless of your platform. Use custom integrations with Microsoft and Google Workspace for account migration and management, or LDAP/AD sync, our API or other tools.

Not seeing your email platform?  No problem, MailRoute makes it easy to integrate with any email platform. Contact us with questions. 

Email server platforms

Regardless of what you use to operate your email, MailRoute email security services can be applied

Not seeing your email server?  No problem, MailRoute makes it easy to integrate with any platform. Please contact us for details. 

Directory Software, SAML2

Not seeing your directory software?  No problem, MailRoute makes it easy to integrate with any directory software. Please contact us to learn more. 


Yes, a free 30-day trial is offered of all pricing plans to direct customers through links on this site and our Pricing page. Are you a Reseller, MSP, or just want more info? Contact us.

MailRoute migration is seamless and requires zero downtime. Once your domain is in our system, change your MX records and mail begins to flow through our secure platform to you. Migration includes custom options for Office 365 and Google Workspace customers, as well as LDAP/AD sync, our API, CSV import and manual management.

It differs by plan -- MR Compliance requires added steps for security purposes -- but all onboarding is easy and painless. Once you request a trial or contact our sales team, a dedicated account manager confirms your account setup via an optional screenshare meeting, answers questions and provides an agreement that covers pricing, term, our SLA and TOS. Service can begin upon trial request, within minutes.

MR Compliance is the plan built for government entities and contractors, and it includes API-level integration with your GCC High account for easy migration and ongoing sync. Changes made to your email accounts in GCC High are automatically updated in your MailRoute account for ultimate security.

MailRoute is platform-agnostic, and we function seamlessly as an integral component of any layered security solution. MailRoute can be applied to any domain via an MX-record change.

No hardware purchases are needed, which eliminates the need for costly maintenance and upgrades. Also, our system is fully redundant, providing you with no single point of failure for your email delivery. MailRoute's services and value are beyond what a business could build for itself in-house.

MR Compliance is the plan that meets HIPAA and other Federal compliance standards. We provide signed BAA's (Business Associate Agreements) for our HIPAA customers.

Email passes through our proprietary system of filters and is sent to your mail server without being seen by a human. If our 24/7 Support team is contacted, mail may be visible in the course of answering a support ticket, with your consent. MR Compliance customers are assured that mail and support techs are solely in the U.S. We never sell any of your data (email address, etc) for any reason whatsoever.

Our real-time reporting tools show your admins who is most vulnerable on your domain(s), and this information can be used to address internal training needs. We provide a user guide with our best practices recommendations, and additional training can be arranged for customers. Contact us to learn more.

MailRoute's API makes it possible to tie all sorts of pieces -- like outside applications, your own onboarding and billing systems, and mailbox lists and preferences -- into our Control Panel, to automate account management.

Our API is documented and we have libraries for php, python and ruby on Github. We also execute API projects on a custom basis. Ask us for details. Contact us.

Yes, we serve customers around the world and are GDPR compliant. Ex-US customers may sign up for our Basics or Enterprise plans using links in the site or on the Pricing page.

MailRoute protects customers against viruses (including ransomware and malware), spam (including phishing and spoofing), bad MIME, bad headers, downtime and other costly threats to your business' productivity.

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