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MailRoute email security is the most advanced and trusted

Since 1997, our team has continued to innovate the email-security landscape, now with unique integrations for Office 365 and Google Workspace customers, and Defense Contractors or Government bodies

MailRoute features

Granular controls and advanced admin tools such as Microsoft and Google integrations, including GCC High for Gov Cloud users

Zero-trust active defense

Continually managed and 24/7-updated email network security that stops cybercrime actors and other threats, ensuring cost-predictable and reliable email delivery.

Inheritable compliance

Auditor-friendly compliance for HIPAA, ITAR, CMMC and more. MailRoute's documentation supports cybersecurity reviews and audits, including BAA's for healthcare customers.

Full redundancy

No single point of failure. Our wholly owned network includes geo-distributed datacenters with redundant network feeds, power sources and cooling, for a guaranteed uptime of 99.999%.


MailRoute is NIST 800-171 / DFARS 252.204-7021 compliant and DISA accepted. Inheritable and end-to-end CMMC elements will shortcut and simplify your Level 3 compliance (CMMC v2).

Microsoft 365 integrations

365 users, including GCC High customers in the Gov Cloud, have advanced single-account admin tools, eliminating the need for duplicate admin actions between MailRoute and Microsoft.

Google Workspace integrations

Google Workspace users have advanced single-account admin tools, eliminating the need for duplicate admin actions between MailRoute and Google Workspace accounts.

Real-time searchable logs

Mail logs and reporting tools are updated in real-time in your Control Panel, so admins can instantly troubleshoot mail delivery, or utilize our 24/7 support desk.


MailRoute prevents forgeries and email spoofing by identifying malicious messages with email authentication tools through assisted and managed DNS changes.

Migration made easy

Import users, aliases, distribution lists, white/blacklists and other preferences using LDAP, AD, our API or other admin tools, located in a robust but easy to use control panel.

Targeted Threat Elimination (TTE)

MailRoute examines and decodes all email bodies and attachments in a secure, safe sandboxed environment, where multiple anti-virus scanners, and our proprietary engines, use signatures, heuristics, and advanced machine-learning technologies to identify threats such as ransomware, malware, and all known types of computer viruses.    

How it works

MailRoute is a hosted gateway security provider that requires no hardware or software installations, and no costly upgrades or maintenance, using an off-site multi-layered approach to quarantine or delivery of email.

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Easy integration with all platforms

No matter who hosts your mail, or whether you manage your email on your own server, MailRoute integrates easily with all services and platforms. A simple MX-record change activates our services. 

Secure your operations

Protect your business network, email and productivity against malicious attacks and costly downtime