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Why outsource your
email security & filtering?

Protect your network against costly breaches with MailRoute's full security

MailRoute vs in-house email security

The rapidly changing internet threatscape, quest for IT resource optimization and escalating operation and maintenance cost of keeping digital resources up are leading to cost-effective and technologically efficient business solutions, with computing resources available on demand and consumption pattern on pay per use basis.

MailRoute In-house
Filtering and quarantine of viruses and malware A single breach is more costly than MailRoute's yearly cost

Automatic updating of virus definitions

IT staff and processes more costly than MailRoute's yearly cost

Protection against DDoS and hacker attacks

IT staff and processes leave you exposed on the internet

Continuity protection against mail system failures

A single recovery can cost 1/2 of MailRoute's yearly cost

Outbound security guards against insider threats

Insider threat protection almost impossible in-house

99.999% uptime guaranteed

Limited uptime guarantee

Full redundancy – no single point of failure

Single point of failure

90+% reduction in traffic on your server, 99% of which is spam

In-house servers handle 100% of mail traffic

Reduce bandwidth by restricting email to only approved accounts

Paying for bandwidth to manage useless and dangerous email from phishing attacks

Lower CPU and memory resource needs

Paying high CPU

Mailbagging and Disaster Recovery included

Bounced mail when your servers go down

100% cost-free Customer Support

Expensive, unavailable support from manufacturer and often in-house

60 seconds to setup account; No hardware or software to install

Time to setup and test in-house

Meets industry compliance standards

Must navigate industry standards alone

Improves employee productivity; extra hands in IT

Expensive in-house labor to manage email filtering hardware/software

No need for costly upgrade and maintenance

Regular maintenance, upgrades and security patches

Low entry cost

Expensive systems that become obsolete

Risk-free implementation; platform-agnostic

Must commit to buying multiple pieces of software, middle-ware

Ongoing development of new features

Filters lose their efficacy over time

MailRoute is never obsolete

Hardware and software end-of-life

Behr Iron & Metal

Behr Iron and metal

Behr Iron & Metal uses MailRoute's hosted services. The decision to move to a SaaS was due to in-house solutions requiring physical space and high cost, and placing a constant demand for support and configuration on in-house engineers. Since Behr moved their email security to MailRoute they have maximized productivity of their servers as well as provided a UI to end-users for easy management of spam settings on a customized, granular basis.

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