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Compliant email security for Government entities & contractors

Cost-predictable automatic protection with multi-layered off-site cybersecurity tools to meet compliance requirements, including CMMC

Email security & email filtering - Department of Defense
Email security & email filtering - Defense information systems agency
Email security & email filtering -  NAICS
Email security & email filtering - Cybersecurity maturity model certification
Email security & email filtering -  GSA
Email security & email filtering -  HIPPA certification
Email security & email filtering - NIST certification
Email security & email filtering - FEDRAMP certification

Active cyber defense for all platforms, including GCC High integration

Inheritable and auditor-friendly protection against DDoS and hacker attacks (including insider threats), ransomware/viruses and spam/phishing. Stop multistage cyberattacks and downtime on critical infrastructure by leveraging end-to-end security automation. API-level integration with Microsoft Office 365 GCC High.

NIST 800-171

MailRoute ensures pre-contract and continually managed mail delivery for less than the cost of a single breach, for .gov and contractors

DFARS 252.204-7012

MailRoute inbound/outbound processing with fault-tolerant architectures ensures government communications remain protected

CMMC preparedness

MailRoute provides an inherited turnkey solution for DoD contractors (DIB). Email security for primes and sub-primes.

DISA accepted & SPRS vetted

MailRoute is DISA accepted for .mil, .gov and other government entities, ensuring receipt of your contractual communications

NAICS 518210 and 541519

Approved for Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services (541519) and Computer Related Services including disaster recovery (541519). CAGE code 8FWK1 in the GSA Schedule.

GCC High integration

MailRoute's exclusive API-level integration with MS 365 GCC High means easy onboarding and account management for your team

Leading solution

MailRoute is the leading pre-audited email solution with inheritable cybersecurity compliance documents. MailRoute ensures that government entities, contractors and vendors have a cost-predictable, reliable method to protect and guarantee safe email delivery. Outdated legacy systems leave you vulnerable to costly breaches, and the US Treasury has advised against paying ransom, making your risk considerations essential when selecting email defense tools. MailRoute halts attacks outside of your network, delivering trusted mail.

Defense in-depth

MailRoute supports local IT groups by providing an off-site, multi-layered approach to ensuring all emails are safe, or automatically quarantined or blocked in cases of viruses or malware. For more information Click here.

Updated automatically

MailRoute updates its proprietary spam, phishing, ransomware and virus detection methods 24x7, guaranteeing safe email delivery while blocking dangerous and inappropriate content. No costly hardware or software updates.


MailRoute's pre-assessed documentation supports the highest levels of CMMC required by your contracts and by cyber-compliance teams' reviews and audits: your assessment score is never reduced by non-compliant email systems.

"MailRoute is constantly expanding the back-end functionality and front-end access to it, driven by customer demand."

Boris Lukashev
Semper Victus

MailRoute pricing

Our Compliance solution includes 100% cost-free Customer Support

Trusted by industry leaders for 20+ years

We have earned our reputation in email security as a trusted authority for protecting companies & government agencies

Easy integration with o365, Google Workspace & all platforms

MailRoute integrates easily with all services and platforms, as a server-agnostic gateway service provider. A simple MX-record change activates our protection.

Email security & email filtering - Office 365
Email security & email filtering -  Cpanel
Email security & email filtering - Hostgator
Email security & email filtering - Network solutions
Email security & email filtering - Rackspace
Email security & email filtering - 1&1 hosting

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