About MailRoute

MailRoute's team has been innovating the email-security industry since 1997

MailRoute's mission: protect customers from attacks and downtime

MailRoute employs the leading team of innovators in this industry. We focus on our core competency: the efficient delivery of clean email. MailRoute's proprietary IP and network configuration stop malicious threats from reaching your network by sitting between your mail servers and the rest of the internet, as a gateway that provides end-to-end security.

Setting new standards since 1997

MailRoute offers fully redundant and configurable email security services for all industries.

Government compliance

Meet the stringent standards set by the US Federal Government for the military and its contractors.

Threat mitigation

Protect your critical infrastructure while scaling to the pace and size required in today's email environment.

Innovation built on advanced ideas in email security

Drawing on our team's deep networking and threat-mitigation expertise, MailRoute is the high-tech choice for complete protection and ease-of-use

MailRoute's executive team

Thomas A. Johnson – CEO

MailRoute was founded by Tom to set new standards in email security. As the founder, and former Chairman, CEO and Chief Scientist of FrontBridge Technologies, Tom is one of the leading authorities on email protection for businesses. FrontBridge was acquired by Microsoft in 2005, and the service is now sold as “Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services”, or as the “Forefront Online Protection” or “FOPE” Services.

Tom is also MailRoute’s leader of technology. He and his development team have pioneered a new generation of email filtering technologies for MailRoute, which lead the industry in cost-effectiveness, accuracy, and performance.

Tom holds a BS in Microbiology from UCLA.

Mark S. Tennenbaum – CFO

Mark is a member of the board of directors of MailRoute and the company’s CFO. He is also a co-founder of FrontBridge (sold to Microsoft in 2005), the former CFO of SoftAware Networks (sold to Digital Island in 2000), and a strategic advisor to other young technology companies.

Prior to his Internet experience, Mark’s professional focus was primarily on finance and corporate development. In these capacities he helped to grow such diverse companies as Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, Kaiser Group Holdings, Landmark Theatres and Craig Corporation.

Mark holds an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA as well as a BA in Psychology from the Pitzer College, the Claremont Colleges.

R.A. Plecas – VP Marketing and Sales

R.A. is the VP of Marketing and Sales at MailRoute and was Director of Communications at FrontBridge, where she worked with MailRoute CEO Tom Johnson and CFO Mark Tennenbaum.

R.A. has 15 years of overseas experience, based in Hong Kong, as Editor-in-Chief of Tatler Asia, a group of luxury lifestyle publications in nine countries. R.A. also founded What’s Next, a business development company aimed at facilitating the introduction of Western retail brands into the China market.

R.A. holds a BA in Literature from Oakland University as well as a degree in plant-based nutrition from Cornell University.

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We have earned our reputation in email security as a trusted authority for protecting companies & government agencies

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