Store and forward

MailRoute's highly redundant cloud of email processing servers can provide a backup to your internal email infrastructure.

Email is a complicated service to provide, and yet it's an absolute necessity for just about all of us. If your server crashes, or if you have to take it offline for upgrade or maintenance, MailRoute will hold your email for you for up to 15 days, until your servers are back up and running, and ready to handle taking on email delivery. This ensures that no email is bounced, and your reputation is protected.

How It Works

The Store and Forward/Disaster Recovery service is an integral part of our Inbound email filtering service. Once you change your MX record to direct email to MailRoute, we filter it, and send it on its way to your server.

But if your server is down, or if you're installing a new version of the OS, or if it's overloaded and out of disk space or RAM, or even if you're having some sort of temporary internet connectivity problems, we will hold the email. We don't bounce it back to the sender - that would be embarrassing, like having your phone disconnected. Instead, we queue it up, and retry your server periodically, until we detect that it's back up and receiving email. Then we feed the email at a slow pace to start, and ramp up speed if we see that your server can handle it. We'll get all your stored email to you as quickly as possible, and your email senders will never even know you were down.


  • Fully automated
  • Requires no configuration or maintenance. We detect the downtime automatically, queue email, and initiate delivery when you're back up and running, with no intervention required.
  • MailRoute's highly available cloud network provides reliability that's incredibly difficult and expensive to create in-house.
  • Compatible with all email systems - regardless of platform or underlying operating systems

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