Email security for retail &
e-commerce stores

Protect your retail business from spam, viruses, ransomware and other threats. Easy integration with Office 365, Google, other hosts and servers.

Stop missing leads, orders and enquiries

Now more than ever, you need technology to be assisting your business, not burdening it. Email is essential to your success. It needs sophisticated protection to reach you and your team for important sales. Start today with a free trial.

Orders and enquiries

Essential pieces of your business must be protected and insured. MailRoute guarantees that our service delivers.

Bids and quotes from vendors

These resemble many phishing attacks. MailRoute's security technology knows the difference. 

Reputation protection

Protect against attacks that send unwanted mail from your domain. And maintain constant email uptime.

"We put years of work into creating Volto Urbano skincare. MailRoute protects our email -- the core of our business transactions.”

Lela Kelly
Volto Urbano

Tailored email security for retail & e-commerce

Attacks are designed to take your business' identity or hard-earned dollars -- or worse, to attack your customers via your email. MailRoute protects against spam and phishing, harvest attacks, ransomware, malware and costly downtime. 

Protect your business

Stable, secure online performance tells your customers they can trust you. MailRoute protects the heart of your business by maintaining the highest levels of security and uptime. Financial fraud and email downtime are not a price businesses should pay. Security is less costly than an attack and keeps a business running the way you need it to.

Protect your customers

Have you ever received an email from a trusted address to find it's been hacked? It's unsettling to customers and compromises their faith in that domain. Protect your customers from harvest attacks and phishing attempts. And always know that they're receiving your important sales, support and shipping updates. 

Protect your employees

Most employees use a hybrid of personal and work email, creating a perfect scenario for cross-contamination. MailRoute protects against employees infecting your business domain with vulnerable personal email by filtering inbound and outbound mail. We protect their work product by maintaining the highest uptime in our industry: 99.999%.

Specialized for retail & e-commerce

Financial fraud, downtime, phishing attacks, viruses and lost leads or quotes are a price no business should have to pay


TLS Encryption

MailRoute utilizes TLS (Transport Layer Security) to ensure that your email transactions are safe and private.

99.999% Uptime

Downtime can mean lost email leads, bids, quotes and more. Maintain a constant presence for your business.


MailRoute protects your email both coming and going, and will alert you immediately to any abnormal activity by your users.


Retail is the #1 industry for phishing attacks, because so much of your legitimate email can look phishy. We stop these for you. 


Never miss a sale. In case of an outage on your end, MailRoute delivers mail to a web portal for continued business productivity.

24/7 Support

Your business doesn't sleep and neither does ours. We're here around the clock with live human beings to assist you. 

Trusted by industry leaders

We have earned a reputation in email security as being one of the most trusted platforms for protecting companies & government agencies.

MailRoute pricing

The value of protecting your business is immeasurable, but MailRoute's competitive pricing makes it easy for you

Easy integration with all platforms

No matter who hosts your mail, or whether you manage your email on your own server, MailRoute integrates easily with all services and platforms. A simple MX-record change activates our services. 

Protect your business today

Get set-up in minutes with our free 30-day trial (no credit card) and secure the lifeline of your business against attacks