Email security for schools & education

We protect schools & education from spam, viruses, ransomware and other threats. Easy integration with Office 365, Google, other hosts and servers.

Specialized for schools & education

MailRoute's Compliance solution provides services to meet industry-specific security and reliability requirements

Compliant and transparent

Efficiently, cost-effectively and securely comply with HIPAA regulations, and protect against a costly data breach. Enterprise-level encryption is applied to all email in transit. Isolate and protect mail servers by accepting connections exclusively from our block of 8 Class C IP addresses.

Tele-health hacking protection

Virtual healthcare is becoming the new normal, creating new data vulnerabilities. Medical records contain lucrative data for hackers to sell on the black market, and cyber-attacks on healthcare systems are rising. Our ransomware and malware protections keep your patient data secure.

Uptime & reliability

The smallest network outage can affect patients relying on urgent diagnoses and treatment. Email Continuity provides you with an always-accessible secure web portal and ensures that no email is lost or bounced. Automatic outage detection ensures that your data is always available when you need it.

HIPAA compliance & BAA's

While it is critical that you meet HIPAA compliance regulations, it’s also important to streamline compliance and regulatory processes for your IT team. Our Compliance Solution for Healthcare provides inheritable HIPAA compliance, and helps eliminate the possibility of a costly data breach. 

Tamper-proof email storage ensures you meet all HIPAA requirements. A signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is provided to you. Role-based access controls eliminate the ability for unauthorized personnel to access data. Isolate and protect your mail servers by accepting connections exclusively from MailRoute’s block of trusted IP addresses.


Vulnerability awareness for Education

MailRoute Compliance protects your critical infrastructure from targeted threats and ensures your email is HIPAA secure. Our triple-redundant cloud-based data protection eliminates the need for you to continually monitor, maintain and upgrade your IT infrastructure to stay two steps ahead of cyber criminals. You focus on delivering exceptional support for your patients and let MailRoute deliver 24x7 secure access to critical email.

Security for Healthcare

The FBI warns of increased Ransomware attacks on hospitals and the government has declared paying ransom illegal. MailRoute stops ransomware. Comply with stringent HIPAA regulations and protect fiduciary responsibility regarding cyberattacks with a sophisticated IT approach to email, telehealth and data security.

Efficiency for Healthcare

Real-time monitoring enables medical professionals to communicate effectively with commonly blocked terms, like “Viagra”. MailRoute targets health-related topics at a granular level, with hacker protection against DDoS and other attacks. Inbound and outbound mail is protected with SPF, DKIM and fault-tolerant architecture.

Reliability for Healthcare

Email downtime of even a few minutes could have devastating results. Healthcare requires on-demand access to critical patient data and clinical diagnoses between disparate medical professionals. MailRoute offers granular administrative control of filter sensitivities while processing traffic across triple-redundant networks with 100% email availability.

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Easy integration with all platforms

No matter who hosts your mail, or whether you manage your email on your own server, MailRoute integrates easily with all services and platforms. A simple MX-record change activates our services.

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