Email security for banking
& financial services

We protect banks and financial services from spam, viruses, ransomware and other threats. Easy integration with Office 365, Google, other hosts and servers.

Solutions for banking & financial

Stop cyber threats like ransomware, malware, other viruses, spam and phishing attempts. No hardware or software to install, no costly updates or maintenance.

Compliance needs

You face significant data management and reporting burdens if clients are in regulated industries. MailRoute meets HIPAA, ITAR, NIST 800-171, DFARS, CMMC, FISMA, COOP and CJIS requirements with our Compliance suite.

Continuity & email uptime

Network outages of 5 minutes cost a firm $5,600 and result in bounced mail. Our Enterprise and Compliance options guard against that, for client communication even when your servers are down. Or, add Continuity to our MailRoute Basics package.

Seamless integrations

One-click migration for Office 365 and G Suite users, and MailRoute works with all email hosts and server platforms. Setup takes 60 seconds, then change your MX records to activate our spam and virus protection.

Trust & security

The success of any law firm is built upon trust and credibility. Your clients trust that you will keep their email communication, legal documents and personal files confidential and protected from targeted phishing attacks, malware or an attempted network breach. Stop spam, viruses and costly downtime with MailRoute.

Reputation protection

Clients won't receive inappropriate or offensive spoofed emails, or phishing attempts that appear to come from you, with MailRoute's built-in Reputation Protection

Client protection

MailRoute’s Threat Management and Email Security solutions provide your firm with complete email, document, and network protection, delivering real-time email security as well as email continuity when your servers are down

Guaranteed sending and receipt

Your team must send confidential emails and access legal documents while in court or a client’s office. Inability to provide records when requested could put a case in jeopardy, and a network outage is no excuse

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Ransomware protection

Hackers know that law firms contain some of the most confidential data held by any organization. That’s why the legal industry suffers 30% more malicious attacks over other industries.

MailRoute's pioneering team of cyber and network-security experts has protected organizations since 1997. Our deep technical expertise and continuous security innovations mean we are uniquely qualified to help your law firm meet the promise of client confidentiality while reducing spam and virus traffic, including ransomware.

Photo of a computer hacker - email filtering and security
Photo of lawyers talking - email filtering and security

Inbound/Outbound email security

A law firm's time is expensive, and we protect you whether preparing for trial or accessing communications requested by the court. MailRoute’s hosted email security ensures that client emails are received without delay and can be easily stored and accessed as needed. It eliminates unwanted and unsafe inbound emails before they reach your servers while outbound monitoring blocks a client’s confidential files from leaving your network inadvertently.

Reduce IT your labor and costs

Let MailRoute's team handle your firm's email security management. It’s what we do. Our hosted services not only enable your team to focus on other projects, but our redundant infrastructure increases efficiencies on your servers, decreases bandwidth and CPU usage, and reduces overall IT costs.

IT men examining computer servers - email filtering and security

MailRoute pricing

MailRoute solutions include 100% cost-free Customer Support

Trusted by industry leaders

We have earned a reputation in email security as being one of the most trusted platforms for protecting companies & government agencies.

Easy integration with all platforms

No matter who hosts your mail, or whether you manage your email on your own server, MailRoute integrates easily with all services and platforms. A simple MX-record change activates our services.

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