MailRoute Clients, Customers and Praise.

The TWiT Family - Leo Laporte and Tom Merritt

Leo loves MailRoute!

Leo Laporte started using MailRoute back in 2004. We're not sure why it took six years, but we're finally advertising on the TWiT network! Leo and his cohorts are talking about MailRoute on numerous TWiT shows, including Security Now, This Week in Google and Daily Giz Wiz.

We wouldn't usually put advertising up on a customer brag page, but listen to this ad - this isn't Leo reading some advertising copy - it's a sincere and personal testimonial. MailRoute is the reason why Leo's even able to use his '' domain. We block over 96% of his total email volume, with no reported false-positives.

Tom Merritt does too!

Leo asked Tom Merritt to try out MailRoute so that he could consider allowing MailRoute to sponser his daily technology news show Tech News Today. Tom doesn't fool around, so he gave us a domain to protect - one that he gave up on in 2000 because it was so overrun with spam that he couldn't bear to use it any longer. We set him up and Tom saw how effective our filtering is - we cleared out about 99% of the spam right away. But he wanted to test us even further - he wanted to be sure we wouldn't accidentally filter out a legitimate email. So he tweeted out that he wanted people to email him at one of his old addresses, and Tom was amazed - no false positives!